Boa Vista
Brazilian Maracatu-style Band

A high octane show with earth-shuddering bass drums. Boa vista play a mash up of traditional and contemporary music rooted in the vibrant rhythms of north-east Brazil. Indoor and outdoor performances.

Elie Rees
Songwriter, Folksinger

Acoustic singer/guitarist Elie Rees combines a rare fragility and strength in her raw, emotive songwriting. Her punk sensibilities lend her performances and writing an edge; pouring heart and soul into her words, bristling with survivor anger, fight and pain. Elie’s 2019 album ‘Gold Dirt’ (Ginger Dog Records) charted at no.7 in the i-tunes singer-songwriter charts and she gigs regularly around the East of England.
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New Music Norfolk (NMN)
Composers Collective, with additional creative skills

We work together creating opportunities for new music, with performers trying out our work and giving mutual feedback, or putting on concerts which include our own pieces amongst others. We also work individually and are open to collaboration with other creatives.

Off With Their Records
Producer, Publisher, Promoter

Off with their Records advocates business models which should be standard in the modern age. We practice a limited streaming policy, catering specifically to that experience, while advocating the production of ‘digibundles’, musical works designed for download, taking advantage of all that digital distribution has to offer, including vastly expanded potential for supporting artwork and ways of presenting the music. Email