We’ve listed some questions we think you may be asking yourself (or want to ask us) and please do get in touch if there is something we’ve missed!

Who’s behind it?
This new reincarnation of Norwich Fringe has been headed up by Joseph Ballard (theatre maker, performer and playwright) who is based in Norwich. His theatre company (New Stages) will be supporting Norwich Fringe with initial outlay and paperwork etc. Joseph is joined by Molly Farley, a director making work with her theatre company Coast to Coast, and Sam Webber, freelance theatre maker and teacher.

The Norwich Fringe Team all work voluntary on the project, understanding that is it an important time for our industry and for us all as creatives. We do it because we want to support our peers.

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Why is Norwich Fringe back now?
After break of a few years, it’s back and headed up by a different team. With the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to support the arts scene of Norwich (and beyond) in any way we can.

We’ll be starting with a series of open network meetings online; some will be open spaces for conversation, sometime for ideas, sometimes topical and sometime there will be a guest, a wellbeing or training and development focus.

Our activity for this first phase is to establish and grow a network of creatives from across the broad range of talent our city has to offer. We want to respond to what is needed by the creative community and eventually, we’ll start planning a Norwich Fringe Festival in a similar shape to how we would recognise it.

Are there any costs involved?
No, it’s free to join and take part in activities.

Who’s backing it?
Joseph’s theatre company, New Stages is backing it with regard to initial costs and policies required. Joseph had also been in discussion with the previous team behind Norwich Fringe Festival, to ensure a smooth transition and the values, ethos and objectives of Norwich Fringe are still upheld.

If I join or sign up, is anything expected of me?
We’re after your email address and some brief information about you to begin with. You can just read our updates from our mail outs, interact on social media with us, take part in our events, contribute ideas, join the team, organise or contribute to the running of an activity or initiative… it’s up to you!
The information you give us won’t be shared with anyone else and will be kept in compliance with all data protection and GDPR policies and best practice. Sign up to our mailing list here.

Who are you after, when you talk about people joining ‘the team’?
As a venture for the creative community, we are only as strong as those who support us. If you would like to do more than just participate then we want to hear from you. Got experience with running workshops? Get in touch. You’re trained in BSL and would like to volunteer your time? Get in touch. You’re a keen techie with pearls of wisdom to share? Get in touch. You can see where this is going. We can all learn from each other, no skill is too small; we’d love to hear from you.

Will I be paid as part of ‘the team’?
At the moment, we’re a purely voluntary endeavour. We understand how hard it is for freelance artists right now and how valuable your time is. We’re hoping this community of volunteers will set us in good stead for when we’re back doing what we love in person.

What are these online meetings all about?
It’s a series of online events where we can connect with each other in discussion, networking, sharing, learning and supporting each other. When the time is right, we’ll also start looking at delivering a Fringe Festival once more.

What about an actual Fringe Festival?
We’re starting off by reconnecting everyone with our series of open network meetings online. Our aim is to present a Norwich Fringe Festival when the time is right.

Are you doing things just for Norwich people?
We’re based in Norwich, but of course we welcome anyone from the rest of Norfolk and beyond to join in.

If I give you my information, like email address, are you compliant to hold information?
We have adopted all policies and protocol of New Stages. Any information you give us won’t be shared with anyone else and will be kept in compliance with all data protection and GDPR policies and best practice.

What is the history of Norwich Fringe Festival?
It began in 1996 and has appeared in different forms since then, the last one being in 2015.
Want to know more about the history of Norwich Fringe Festival? Read more on the archived Norwich Fringe Festival site of bygone days.